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BCL's style is in self-isolation when positive for Covid-19 is in the spotlight: Covid with Style

Gaya BCL Jalani Isolasi Mandiri saat Positif Covid-19 Jadi Sorotan: Covid with Style
Bunga Citra Lestari

Linebuzz Today, Jakarta - The appearance of the artist Bunga Citra Lestari when she was sick became the spotlight of netizens. As is known, BCL reported that he was positive for Covid-19.

He is also currently undergoing self-isolation with Denna Rachman, who has also been confirmed positive for Covid-19. Through an upload on his Instagram account, Wednesday (16/6/2021), the wife of the late Ashraf Sincalir also reported his condition.

On the third day of self-isolation, Unge, BCL's nickname, felt several symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath and fever.

"Isolation Day 3.. So far, there are symptoms of cough, sore throat, shortness of breath and sometimes fever.. But keep the spirit (emoji) Did meditation in the morning.. And sunbathing is essential ..," he explained.

Undergoing self-isolation, BCL also showed himself when he was sunbathing. His style when sunbathing and self-isolation is also quite a highlight.

In the upload, BCL appears to be sunbathing with Dena Rachman. Even though he was sick, Unge still looked cute in his thong shirt and dark glasses. Even actor Ringgo Agus Raham was amazed.

"Cepet sembuh unge... kmu menciptakan standart look yg luar biasa untuk yg kena covid.. cakep gilaaaaaaa... gue pas kena astagah lusuh amaaaatttt," ujar Ringgo lewat akunnya @ringgoagus. 

"Kece kece ih(emoji)," komentar Didiet Maulana melalui akun @didietmaulana. 

"Pasien isoman paling cantik," kaya akun @ririifs. 

"Berjemur aja keren gini ky pemotretan ???? gws unge," ucap akun @agungratihkartini. 

"Covid in style," tambah akun @edwien.    

Previously, BCL first shared news about his condition through uploads on his personal Instagram on Monday (14/6/2021) night. Bunga reported that she was positive for Covid-19 after undergoing a PCR test.

He then underwent self-isolation for his recovery and said his condition was quite good.

"I just got my results back today and tested positive for coronavirus.. I'm in self-isolation right now and God willing will make a full recovery soon..I hope everyone to take all steps to stay safe and healthy.. Please be careful , take care of yourself and your loved ones ... Build your immune system and take this seriously .. See you later ..," explained BCL.

BCL also received a lot of support from fellow artists. A series of top artists and Unge's friends also gave encouragement and prayers for BCL's recovery.


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