Selasa, 29 Juni 2021

Former Guitarist of the GIGI Band, Aria Baron Passes Away

Mantan Gitaris Band Gigi, Aria Baron Meninggal Dunia
Former Guitarist of the GIGI Band, Aria Baron.(Instagram/@ariabaron)

JAKARTA, Linebuzz.me - The former guitarist of the band GIGI, Aria Baron, was reported to have died on Tuesday (29/6/2021). This news was confirmed by music observer Adib Hidayat.

"Thomas Ramadhan from DENTAL at 10:42 a.m. called me while crying, telling me that Aria Baron had died. The info he got from his brother," Adib said via a short message, quoted from Kompas.com, Tuesday.

Previously, Aria Baron, who is currently the manager of the GIGI band, was hospitalized because he tested positive for Covid-19.

Sandy Pas Band and GIGI's vocalist, Armand Maulana, at that time asked for prayers for the Baron's recovery.

Circulating photos of Baron lying in hospital and wearing a respirator. They also prayed for Thomas, who at that time was still positive for Covid-19.

Recently, Thomas has tested negative for Covid-19. Meanwhile, Aria Baron is rumored to need convalescent blood plasma.

He needs blood plasma donors from Covid-19 survivors. On June 16, 2021, Armand Maulana also reported that the Baron's condition had begun to improve.

However, today, the sad news came. Aria Baron is one of the personnel who pioneered the formation of GIGI.

He became the guitarist in the band. He had worked with the band, which had been formed since 1994, on two albums.

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