Kamis, 01 Juli 2021

Ariel Tatum Answers the Gossip of a Mistress and Was "Offered" by a Masher

Arie Tatum Jawab Gosip Wanita Simpanan dan Pernah "Ditawar" Pria Hidung Belang

JAKARTA, Linebuzz.me - The role artist Ariel Tatum had the opportunity to speak while talking to the host of Gading Marten on the Vibe Indonesia #1 YouTube channel.

In the conversation with Gading Marten, Ariel Tatum answered the issue of being a mistress.

Not only that, Ariel also admitted that he was often 'negotiated' by mashers.

What is Ariel Tatum's story, we summarize it as follows.

1. Answer the gossip of being a mistress

Ariel Tatum answered about the stigma of a mistress attached to him. In fact, he was confused by the rumor because he didn't seem to be working.

Considering that Ariel Tatum had been on hiatus for several years in the entertainment world.

“In my opinion, this is something for me to think about, so if you quit the entertainment world, for example, you'll either marry a rich person or your uncle's mistress. I'm often gossiped about that," said Ariel Tatum, Tuesday (29/6/2021).

Ariel then dismissed the issue and gave an explanation.

"I want to explain something here. I am very aware and very grateful about how lucky I am in this world, because from childhood until now my sustenance has been good," said Arie Tatum.

2. It was said that he was married because he was on a vacuum

Not only that, because of a vacuum of about two years from the entertainment world, Ariel was once said to be married.

Even that was thrown from fellow artists.

"Yesterday there was a friend of my public figure who met 'Where have you been Ril', 'aren't you going anywhere', 'how come you've never been seen?'. I've been working in the entertainment world for a while, right, 'You're already married,'" Ariel said.

"I mean no, I'm not married. Why aren't you married, why don't you work," added Ariel Tatum, surprised.

3. Have you ever been 'offered' by a masher

Ariel Tatum has frankly been 'offered' by a masher by offering a fairly large nominal.

Hearing this, Ariel Tatum and his mother, who was also his manager, immediately laughed.

“There are many (who try to bargain). And coincidentally, the manager is my own mother, so she just looks like she's laughing," said Ariel Tatum.

Ariel Tatum doesn't understand that there are people who attach such a stigma to him.

"There is even one point that makes people ask, how much does it cost to spend the night with Ariel Tatum. As frontal as that, I didn't know until he said that," said Ariel Tatum.

"Then my manager said no he couldn't accept it. Then he said yes, what if it was (nominal) like this. We're like laughing," said Ariel Tatum again.

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