Minggu, 04 Juli 2021

Jane Shalimar Dies, After Several Days Of Struggling With Covid-19

Jane Shalimar Meninggal, Setelah Beberapa Hari Berjuang Melawan Covid-19
Jane Shalimar

JAKARTA, Linebuzz.me - The sad news among celebrities is heard again. Actress Jane Shalimar has died after previously reportedly battling Covid-19.

The funeral process for Jane Shalimar will also be carried out in accordance with the protocol for Covid-19 patients.

"The plan will be to be buried on the same day at Jeruk Purut TPU, South Jakarta and will use the *covid protocol*," wrote Elisya Olive, Jane's friend on her Instagram account.

Had difficulty getting a hospital and oxygen cylinders, here is a summary of the conditions that Jane had to go through since being tested positive for Covid-19.

Positive Covid-19

Jane underwent a Covid-19 test and the results came out on June 24, 2021 where Jane tested positive for Covid-19.

According to her sister-in-law, Adhi, Jane had been in self-isolation at home until June 27, 2021, but her condition worsened.

Then on June 28, 2021, Olive, Jane's friend, said Jane was in critical condition and was taken to the hospital.

"He's more critical, ouch. She (Jane) from the 24th of Covid, her symptoms immediately became severe," said Olive.

"I don't know from the doctor what congenital disease, only the last condition of the sister-in-law is severe," he continued.

Hospital full

Jane was reported to have difficulty getting treatment because of the full hospital facilities.

Until finally Jane received treatment at JMC Hospital, South Jakarta.

Difficult to get oxygen cylinder

According to Olive, Jane also had difficulty getting oxygen cylinders.

"Oxygen is just getting, but it's difficult, I'm still looking for it until this very second. Oxygen saturation is down by 90 or 91, yes, basically it's still below the threshold," said Olive.

Got better

Jane Shalimar's sister-in-law, Adhi gave the good news. Jane's condition began to improve, her oxygen saturation began to rise.

"Now the condition has started to make progress, oxygen saturation has also started to rise. It's just that my sister (Jane) is still in an unconscious state," said Adhi (1/7/2021).


Elisya had reported on Jane's condition three days ago through her Instagram account.

Jane is in critical condition and unconscious.

"All my friends, please pray for @janeshalimar_1 Currently the condition is getting worse in a critical condition, breathing is unconscious," he wrote.

"There was turbulence in his breathing until the saturation dropped to 34 SpO2," said Olive.

Olive also wrote about Jane's condition in the Acute Respiratory stage.

sad news

After several days of struggling to recover from Covid-19, Jane Shalimar breathed her last Sunday (4/7/2021),

"Has passed away to Rahmatullah Jane Shalimar bint Dicky Sadikin, at the age of 41 years, on Sunday, July 4, 2021 at 04.20 WIB," Olive wrote.

"The plan is to be buried on the same day at Jeruk Purut TPU, South Jakarta and will use the *covid protocol*," he added in a statement.

Source: kompas.com