Senin, 05 Juli 2021

Chatting with Amel who looks like Nike Ardilla, Irfan Hakim: It's like reincarnation

Ngobrol Bersama Amel yang Mirip Nike Ardilla, Irfan Hakim: Ini Seperti Reinkarnasi
Amel as a guest star on Irfan Hakim's YouTube channel (Screenshot youtube deHakims Story)

Jakarta,Linebuzz.me - Presenter Irfan Hakim was stunned for a moment when he met Amel, who recently went viral because he was said to be similar to Nike Ardilla.

Irfan Hakim also invited Amel to talk on his personal YouTube channel Pod Cast.

According to Irfan Hakim, before Amel, there were several people who were also said to be similar to Nike Ardilla.

"Actually, there used to be, his name was Dike Ardilla. I used to be the star of the video clip. It's similar, the voice, there are so many, now Amel is appearing again," said Irfan Hakim quoted from the YouTube channel deHakims Story, Monday (5/7/2021) .

Then, Amel recounted the beginning of the crowd becoming the subject of public discussion because it was similar to Nike Ardilla.

It all started in Upper Hamlet, when Amel met a street photographer named Taufiq.

At that time, Amel's sister was the first to be photographed. However, her sister refused and finally Amel was willing to be the object of the photo.

After being photographed, Taufiq realized that Amel was very similar to the late Nike Ardilla.

"At first I wore a mask, because I took the mask off in the photo, then he was surprised he said he looked like the deceased. There was no intention to look like that, there wasn't any," said Amel.

Hearing the story, Irfan Hakim said that Amel could be the reincarnation of Nike Ardilla.

"This is like reincarnation, yes," continued Irfan Hakim.

Not long ago, Amel also met Nike Ardilla's mother, Nining Ningsihrat.

When she saw Amel's figure, Nike Ardila's mother was so moved and couldn't stop crying.

Nining Ningsihrat even always held and refused to let go of Amel's hand.

Source: kompas.com