Jumat, 02 Juli 2021

Viral Video Woman 'Arisan Tumbal Berondong' Questioned at South Jakarta Police

Wanita Video Viral 'Arisan Tumbal Berondong' Diperiksa di Polres Jaksel
Ramadhinisari (Dok. Pribadi Ramadhinisari)

Jakarta,Linebuzz.me - The woman who claimed to be offered a job as a master of ceremony (MC) at the social gathering with popcorn (young men) is currently undergoing examination at the South Jakarta Police. Ramadinisari, the woman's name, has been questioned by the police since this afternoon.

Ramadhinisari is still undergoing investigations on the third floor of the South Jakarta Police Headquarters, Jl Wijaya II, Kebayoran Baru, Friday (2/7/2021), since 14.00 WIB earlier.

Until this news was revealed, he was still in the examination room. He is still giving further information and has not been able to be found by the media crew.

As is known, previously social media was shocked by the viral video of a woman claiming to have a job. At the lure of a fee of Rp. 10 million, the woman initially admitted that she was tempted.

However, after being investigated, he was suspicious because there were irregularities in the event.

In the video he uploaded, he said that later there would be a young man, aka popcorn, who would be hanged at the social gathering.

Ramadhinisari also showed a screenshot of the conversation between him and the party who offered him the MC job.

"Well, my client started to explain the sequence of events. Later the popcorn started crawling and hanging. Huh, what event is this?" Ramadhinisari said in the viral video.

Furthermore, Ramadhinisari said that the popcorn at the event agreed to be used as a sacrifice. "So it's a sacrifice for pesugihan. Pesugihan for youth, beauty, wealth, career, and others," said the woman.

To investigate the case, the police have formed a team. Kebayoran Lama Police Chief Commissioner Donni Bagus Wibisono will investigate and follow up on the case.

"I first tracked how far the truth was," said Donni, quoted from detikcom, last Wednesday (30/6).

Source: detik.com