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Kamis, 30 September 2021

Laksana Putri Raja! Ini Gaun Lamaran Ria Ricis yang Cantik dan Anggun

Laksana Putri Raja! Ini Gaun Lamaran Ria Ricis yang Cantik dan Anggun

LineBuzz - Ria Ricis dan Teuku Ryan akhirnya melakukan prosesi pada 23 September 2021. Prosesi lamaran ini pun diadakan secara tertutup di JW Marriot Hotel, Jakarta. 

Kendatipun demikian, para penggemar Ria Ricis dan Teuku Ryan dapat menyaksikan acara tersebut secara langsung di televisi dalam acara Halaqah Cinta Ricis Ryan yang ditayangkan di MNC TV. 

Lamaran pun dilakukan dengan penuh haru dan suka cita. Namun yang tak kalah jadi sorotan adalah busana lamran Ria Ricis yang cantik dan anggun.  

Sebelumnya akun Instagram @officialmnctv telah membocorkan tentang busana lamaran yang dikenakan Ria Ricis dan Teuku Ryan.

Laksana Putri Raja! Ini Gaun Lamaran Ria Ricis yang Cantik dan Anggun

Gaun Ria Ricis berwarna merah muda pastel yang menjuntai panjang, begitu juga jas warna senada yang dikenakan Teuku Ryan. 

Keindahan gaun Ria Ricis nampak pada payet yang tersemat cantik di hampir seluruh bagian dress. Sementara tulle pada bagian pundak kanan membuat Ria Ricis terlihat seperti putri raja yang cantik nan elegan.

Untuk kerudungnya sendiri, Ria Ricis memilih hijab satin polos warna serasi agar lebih menyeimbangkan gaunnya yang sudah ramai dengan detail payet. 

Sedangkan sepatunya, juga mengenakan warna senada dengan detail payet mutiara yang cantik. Untuk riasannya, Ria Ricis tampil cantik namun tetap natural dengan lipstik warna peachy pink.

Penampilan Ria Ricis yang cantik dan elegan di momen lamarannya membuat para tamu undangan berdecak kagum. Jika biasanya ia tampil sederhana dalam kesehariannya, di momen istimewa ini ia tampil anggun dengan gaun yang megah nan cantik. 

Tak heran jika banyak yang turut senang mengabadikan momen spesial ini dan gaya cantik sang Youtuber ke media sosial. Ini dia beberapa potret keseruan acara lamaran Ria Ricis dan Teuku Ryan yang tersebar di media sosial:

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Senin, 06 September 2021

Baru Sepekan Menikah Dikabarkan Punya Banyak Utang, Rizky Billar Bilang Begini

Baru Sepekan Menikah Dikabarkan Punya Banyak Utang, Rizky Billar Bilang Begini
Rizky Billar

Jakarta, Linebuzz - Belum lama menikah, baru saja sepekan pasangan Lesti Kejora dan Rizky Billar dikabarkan sudah memiliki utang yang menumpuk. 

Namun, Rizky Billar menepis anggapan tersebut dan mengatakan bahwa dirinya sejak dulu tak suka mempunyai utang. 

“Saya enggak suka utang anaknya. Sorry, saya enggak pernah utang. Saya enggak pernah kredit, enggak pernah riba,” ujar Rizky Billar, dikutip dari kanal YouTube Cumicumi, Minggu (5/9/2021). 

Namun, Billar tak menampik bahwa sebelumnya memang punya utang atau kredit yang cukup besar. Hanya saja, setelah lepas dari utangnya, Rizky Billar menjadi sadar dan rezekinya justru makin berdatangan.

“Insya Allah karena, alhamdulillah setelah lepas dulu dari riba, rezeki saya makin bagus. Insya Allah akan istiqomah dalam hal itu,” tutur Billar.

Kini, Rizky Billar bahkan ingin menabung sedikit demi sedikit untuk membeli rumah tinggal baru dengan Lesti Kejora.

“Jadi paling saya akan nabung sedikit demi sedikit aja,” ujar Rizky Billar. 

Sebagai informasi, Rizky Billar dan Lesti Kejora juga akan menjalankan rangkaian acara Ngunduh Mantu hari ini, Minggu. 

Diketahui, Rizky Billar dan Lesti Kejora memang menggelar rangkaian acara pernikahan dengan megah. Bahkan, ditayangkan dua stasiun televisi swasta nasional secara bergantian.

Selasa, 13 Juli 2021

Beauty: Your Hair Removal Options

Beauty:  Your Hair Removal Options

Linebuzz.me - Are you female?  If you are, there is a superb chance that you have an infinite wide variety of different issues to deal with on a day by day foundation.  Many of those problems are possibly health and beauty related, like hair removal.  If you're having a trouble with undesirable body hair, did you realize that you don’t ought to go through any further?  There are a number of steps that you can take to make this unpleasant difficulty, disappear and probably for true.

The first step in putting off your undesirable frame hair is to take a look at all of your options.  As you probably already know, there are a number of distinctive ways to remove unwanted frame hair.  Some of these hair removal techniques are brief and others are extra everlasting.  If you have got had enough of dealing with your undesirable frame hair, you may need to keep studying on.

When it comes to casting off undesirable frame hair, the most commonplace technique used is that of shaving. Many women, regularly a weekly basis, shave their undesirable body hair on their legs and armpits. While shaving is satisfactory, it's miles a hair elimination method that is transient.  That is why many women regularly come to be saving as soon as or even two times every week.  It is likewise vital to mention that shaving in positive areas, specifically the face, could make unwanted frame hair even worse. That is why you may want to take the time to have a look at your different alternatives.

Speaking of your different alternatives, for eliminating unwanted frame hair, some other one among your alternatives is that of waxing.  Waxing is a famous hair removal technique, as there are some of exceptional methods to undergo it.  Waxing is generally provided as a service at many hair salons, beauty salons, and spas. With that during thoughts, there also are domestic waxing kits that you could buy to perform your very own wax jobs right within the comfort of your own home. Additional reasons as to why waxing is a famous hair elimination technique is due to the fact it's far low cost and greater permanent than shaving.

Another one of the many methods that you can eliminate your unwanted body hair is via the use of hair elimination lotions.  Hair removal lotions are regularly advertised as an smooth manner to do away with unpleasant frame hair. While this is genuine, no longer all hair removal lotions work the identical. This approach that you may need to test with multiple manufacturers of hair elimination cream to find the cream that works the high-quality for you.  Should making a decision to use hair elimination cream, as a way to remove your undesirable frame hair, it's far critical that you examine all guidelines, as some hair elimination creams can simplest be used on certain regions of your body effectively.


Although waxing is greater everlasting than shaving, many person who use waxing to get rid of their undesirable body hair should do so on a month-to-month foundation.  If you're seeking to do away with your undesirable body hair for true or at the least for a period of three hundred and sixty five days or greater, you will want to look at laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal is one hair elimination method this is swiftly increasing in reputation, as it is regularly permanent for many individuals.  

Despite the truth that laser hair removal is growing in recognition, there still many girls who opt not to go through a laser hair elimination procedure.  One of these motives is due to value.  Yes, it is able to be luxurious to undergo a laser hair elimination technique, but you need to assume long-time period. When in comparison to the fee of shaving, waxing, or shopping for hair removal lotions beyond regular time, you may be able to store a large amount of cash with laser hair elimination.  

The above mentioned laser hair elimination techniques are only a few of the many that you need to choose from.  If your unwanted frame hair is such an issue which you hate going out in public, you may want to do not forget consulting together with your primary care health practitioner for professional advice.

Beauty: Workplace Fashions: The Importance of Not Overdoing It

Beauty:  Workplace Fashions:  The Importance of Not Overdoing It

Linebuzz.me - Are you a female who's employed?  If you're, do you work in an workplace setting?  Although office associated jobs are one of the satisfactory to have, as they permit you to work in a comfy surroundings and they frequently pay properly, there's tons drama that is related to workplace place of business settings. For that cause, you need to continue with caution, specially concerning the clothes which you wear.

One of the various reasons why you must be careful with what you put on to paintings is because some thing simple, like your apparel, may be become a miles large trouble.  It may end up a huge problem that may motive you troubles at work or an trouble that could purpose you to end or lose your activity.  Since there is a good risk that you don’t want that to appear, you will want to continue studying on.  

One of the various ways that you could avoid problems or headaches at paintings is through carefully reviewing your workplace dress code.  Reviewing the dress code of your workplace is extraordinarily vital, mainly in case you are a new employee.  There are many companies which might be a bit bit indistinct on their get dressed code expectations and regulations, however no longer all are.  It is common to find restrictions consisting of no attire or skirts with hems above the knees or no tank-tops. If you are nevertheless unsure as to what you may and can't wear at paintings, you could want to speak with your manager.  In this instance, it is higher safe than sorry.

Another one of the many ways that you can avoid troubles or complications at work is through setting your self inside the footwear of your clients. This is particularly crucial if you interact together with your agency’s customers and clients.  Since your movements, in addition to your appearance will not handiest mirror noticeably on you, yourself, however your employer as nicely, it's far crucial which you take your apparel into attention.  For example, if you worked as a mortgage officer, how do you think that your customers would experience in case you confirmed up for work to address them in shorts and a tank-pinnacle?  If you wouldn’t enterprise with a person searching like that, there is a good risk that others wouldn’t as nicely.

In addition to putting yourself inside the footwear of your company’s customers and clients, it's also advised that you region yourself within the shoes of your coworkers.  There is a good threat which you are at the least somewhat acquainted together with your coworkers. This approach that you may already realize what they talk or gossip approximately.  If one among your coworker had been to show up at paintings sporting a short sundress, what you'll you consider them?  In all honesty, there is a superb risk that your thoughts wouldn’t always be excellent.  You want to remember the fact that others probably suppose the equal way as nicely. That is why you want to, individually, be careful with what you put on to paintings, except you want to be the center of gossip.

One of the various approaches that you may discover suitable apparel to put on to work is via using the internet for your benefit.  What you may want to do is go to the net web sites of upscale apparel shops. Upscale apparel stores, particularly people with a focus on profession-oriented ladies, are less possibly to have “skimpy,” clothing available on the market.  While you don’t must make your purchases from the retailers which you observe on line, you could nonetheless get some awesome garb thoughts.  It is likewise important to say that many upscale clothing shops additionally area a focal point on the modern day models.  This means that you could dress correctly for paintings, even as still looking fashionable on the identical time.

The above cited points are all factors that you may need to think about, specifically when getting dressed for work first factor in the morning.  By taking some greater minutes to reflect onconsideration on your look for paintings, you may absolutely eliminate or lessen the possibilities of you being involved in shady place of business associated problems, like gossip.

Beauty: Should You Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Beauty: Should You Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Linebuzz.me - Are you a female who is often involved together with your look?  Beauty is an trouble that many girls, similar to you, deal with, frequently on a each day basis.  If you're unsatisfied with the manner which you look or the manner that you are feeling, you may have idea approximately beauty surgical operation.  Although cosmetic surgical procedure has helped to enhance the bodily appearance of many ladies, cosmetic surgical procedure isn’t proper for each person.  

When it involves figuring out if cosmetic surgical treatment is proper for you, there are some of important factors to keep in mind.  One of these factors is the fee.  It isn't any mystery that beauty surgery is high priced.  The larger the region you want repaired, the more luxurious your surgery is likely to be. With that during mind, if cosmetic surgical procedure is wanted for clinical purposes, want to repair pores and skin damage, your medical health insurance may cover all or a part of the expenses.  If you will be answerable for the fees of beauty surgical operation, all for your own, it is important to make certain that you can have the funds for to do so, without placing your self in debt.

Another issue that you'll be wanting to take into consideration is the time that you have to devote to cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, this is a factor that many individuals do now not take into consideration while first examining cosmetic surgical procedure.  Most cosmetic surgeries require a few days well worth of relaxation and follow-up care. This can also suggest that you are unable to go back to work right away.  It is critical which you are capable of get the suitable amount of time off from paintings, mainly without growing any problems that might cost you your job.  Also, if you will miss every week or more worth of work, it's far critical to take your monetary loss for that time period into attention.

Another one of the many factors that should be examined, whilst inspecting beauty surgical operation, is that of the surgery type.  Cosmetic surgical treatment includes some of different techniques.  Popular cosmetic methods encompass those who put off wrinkles, restore pores and skin harm, together with burns, reduce or increase the size of breasts, in addition to reshape or restructure the nostril.  As formerly stated, the value of your cosmetic surgical operation may also all rely on the areas of your frame that you would really like improved.  It may additionally have an effect on which cosmetic surgeons to your area can carry out the give you the results you want.

Speaking of finding a beauty surgeon, that is an vital selection.  The decision as to which beauty general practitioner you would like to apply the services of is a decision that have to not be made on a whim. When looking for a cosmetic physician, it's far suggested which you have a look at regions of understanding. While maximum cosmetic surgeons are able to perform a extensive range of surgeries, there are some who've specialties, like breast enlargements or breast reductions or facelifts.  Of route, there are no ensures, however you're much more likely to peer achievement when the usage of the services of a beauty doctor that specializes within the system in which you would really like to go through.

As a reminder, cosmetic surgery can assist to enhance your look, which could have an entire set of different benefits all on its personal, but it isn’t for each person. With that during thoughts, in case your physical look is an problem which you often ought to address, it may be high-quality to agenda a session appointment with a cosmetic medical professional in or around your area.

Beauty: Makeovers: Should You Undergo One?

Beauty: Makeovers: Should You Undergo One?

Linebuzz.me - Are you a woman who has notion approximately converting your appearance?  For many girls, wondering is all that they do. With beauty being an essential difficulty in existence, especially to many ladies, many are afraid to make any drastic changes.  This is what leads a particularly small range of girls to get makeovers each year.  With that during mind though, there are a number of motives as to why you need to as a minimum recall present process a makeover.

One of the many reasons why you ought to don't forget getting a makeover is because it is able to help to enhance your look, as formerly stated.  Unfortunately, in terms of look improving techniques, many people handiest think about drastic measures, like weight reduction or beauty surgery.  Yes, those techniques permit you to improve your physical look, however they can be costly. A makeover is a easy, yet less expensive manner to enhance your physical look.  When present process a makeover, you may have your hair finished, makeup professionally applied, in addition to get a nail filing.

In addition to enhancing your look, undergoing a makeover can assist to relieve any pressure that you will be affected by.  This occurs in some of special ways. For starters, when undergoing a makeover, the expert in trade is the only doing all of the work; all you need to do is just take a seat again and relax. Secondly, an development in look or maybe only a small look exchange has been acknowledged to uplift the sprits of many girls, as well as assist relive the stresses that they will be stricken by.


Perhaps, the greatest purpose as to why you ought to think about undergoing a makeover is because it's far fun.  Makeovers are ideal solo or with a set of friends. There is simply some thing interesting approximately getting a makeover, although it is one which won’t all the time.  It is likewise essential to say that many makeover professionals or beauticians come up with freedom over your very own makeover, like what you would really like performed and the way. In addition to providing you with freedom over your makeover, you can find that your beautician additionally gives you his or her own expert know-how.

Speaking of expertise, you will locate that many expert beauticians have years of schooling and on-the-job revel in underneath their belt.  The know-how of the beautician appearing your makeover is every other one of the many reasons why you must at least keep in mind undergoing a makeover. In addition to providing you with professional results, you can additionally use your makeover as an academic tool. For example, if your makeover consists of makeup application, you can research some neat pointers, tricks, and strategies.  When you think about it from that perspective, a makeover cannot only enhance your appearance now, however in the future as nicely.

The above referred to motives are only a few of the numerous cause why you have to at least recall undergoing a expert makeover.  If you would really like to use a makeover as a manner to have a laugh and relieve all your pressure, you may want to touch your nearby splendor salons, spas, or hair salons. You can discover these establishments by using asking those which you recognise for suggestions, the use of your nearby telephone ebook, or the net.  If you would prefer to undergo your makeover inside the consolation of your house, you may need to inquire about an at-home makeover.  Most person beauticians, specifically individuals who are self-employed, might be more than willing to deal with you and at a quite less expensive price.

Despite what you may have heard inside the past, makeovers aren’t just for large social events, like weddings.  If you want, you may get a makeover at pretty much any point in time, even for no motive in any respect.  Of route, the selection as to whether or no longer you need to go through a makeover is your decision to make, however you may need to maintain the above cited points in thoughts when making that selection.

Minggu, 20 Juni 2021

Membongkar Rahasia Kecantikan Perempuan India

Membongkar Rahasia Kecantikan Perempuan India

Linebuzz.me - Perempuan India memiliki rahasia kecantikan yang sudah menjadi tradisi sejak lama, lho. Tradisi kecantikan mereka tidak hanya tentang penampilan luar, tapi juga perawatan dari dalam.

Melansir dari laman Women's Health, ini ternyata rahasia kecantikan perempuan India ini. 

Pendekatan holistik Ayurveda 

Perempuan India memiliki tradisi turun temurun yakni Ayurveda kuno. 

Ayurveda kuno merupakan suatu sistem penyembuhan holistik berusia sekitar 7000 tahun. 

Ayurveda dalam bahasa Sanskerta berarti 'ilmu kehidupan', yang didasarkan pada gagasan bahwa kesehatan dan kebugaran yang optimal terletak dalam keseimbangan pikiran, tubuh, dan jiwa yang lembut.

“Dalam pendekatan holistik terhadap kehidupan, tidak ada pemisahan antara pikiran, tubuh, dan jiwa, serta penekanan yang sama pada ketiganya adalah jalan menuju kepuasan,” kata Juhi Ash, seorang guru kesehatan dan kebugaran dan pendiri Juhi Ash Center New York. 

Faktor nutrisi, yoga, dan meditasi dapat mengurangi stres dan bisa memberikan efek pada wajah. Dalam Ayurveda, kecantikan benar-benar lebih dari sekadar kulit, dan lebih luas pada semua aspek kehidupan. 

Hal itu mencakup mulai dari apa yang kamu makan hingga berapa jam tidur setiap malamnya.

 "Kecantikan dimulai dari dalam, dan sejak usia muda, kamu diajari untuk makan makanan tertentu yang membantu kesehatan kulit dan rambut, untuk pencernaan yang lebih baik," jelas Kiku Chaudhuri, salah satu pendiri merek perawatan rambut Ayurveda Shaz & Kiks.

Memanfaatkan tanaman herbal 

Tradisi India juga mempercayai tanaman herbal sebagai dasar untuk merawat diri. 

Kunyit merupakan salah satu tanaman yang digunakan dalam masakan India karena kualitas anti-inflamasinya dapat membantu mencerahkan kulit dan melawan hiperpigmentasi. 

Begitu juga dengan minyak goreng populer seperti kelapa muda dan amla.

Minyak tersebut digunakan sebagai bahan perawatan rambut untuk menjaga kesehatan kulit kepala dan mengunci kelembapan. 

Kemudian ada air mawar yang digunakan sebagai toner yang melembutkan dan mencerahkan kulit.

“Ada begitu banyak rahasia besar dalam kecantikan India, dan semuanya berasal dari tradisi alam dan Ayurveda,” kata pendiri Live Tinted Deepica Mutyala. 

Tradisi kecantikan yang berkembang 

Menurut Deepica, di India seperti banyak bagian Asia, standar kecantikan Eurosentris masih lazim, dan kulit porselen sering dianggap lebih 'cantik'. 

Hal ini berkaitan dengan sejarah dan kecantikan India akibat penjajahan Inggris di India pada tahun 1600-an.

"Dalam standar kecantikan barat, kulit cokelat dianggap cantik atau 'eksotis', sedangkan di Timur, kulit porselen, yang tidak mewakili mayoritas India, adalah definisi kecantikan," jelasnya. 

Saat ini, banyak yang menyadari bahwa warna kulit bukanlah suatu standar kecantikan. 

Lebih lanjut lagi, tradisi kecantikan telah berkembang, pendekatan holistik yang telah lama identik dengan Ayurveda telah diserap oleh kecantikan Barat, dimana ada penekanan baru pada kecantikan dari dalam dan hubungan antara kesehatan dari dalam dan luar tubuh. (*)

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Sabtu, 19 Juni 2021

BCL's style is in self-isolation when positive for Covid-19 is in the spotlight: Covid with Style

Gaya BCL Jalani Isolasi Mandiri saat Positif Covid-19 Jadi Sorotan: Covid with Style
Bunga Citra Lestari

Linebuzz Today, Jakarta - The appearance of the artist Bunga Citra Lestari when she was sick became the spotlight of netizens. As is known, BCL reported that he was positive for Covid-19.

He is also currently undergoing self-isolation with Denna Rachman, who has also been confirmed positive for Covid-19. Through an upload on his Instagram account, Wednesday (16/6/2021), the wife of the late Ashraf Sincalir also reported his condition.

On the third day of self-isolation, Unge, BCL's nickname, felt several symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath and fever.

"Isolation Day 3.. So far, there are symptoms of cough, sore throat, shortness of breath and sometimes fever.. But keep the spirit (emoji) Did meditation in the morning.. And sunbathing is essential ..," he explained.

Undergoing self-isolation, BCL also showed himself when he was sunbathing. His style when sunbathing and self-isolation is also quite a highlight.

In the upload, BCL appears to be sunbathing with Dena Rachman. Even though he was sick, Unge still looked cute in his thong shirt and dark glasses. Even actor Ringgo Agus Raham was amazed.

"Cepet sembuh unge... kmu menciptakan standart look yg luar biasa untuk yg kena covid.. cakep gilaaaaaaa... gue pas kena astagah lusuh amaaaatttt," ujar Ringgo lewat akunnya @ringgoagus. 

"Kece kece ih(emoji)," komentar Didiet Maulana melalui akun @didietmaulana. 

"Pasien isoman paling cantik," kaya akun @ririifs. 

"Berjemur aja keren gini ky pemotretan ???? gws unge," ucap akun @agungratihkartini. 

"Covid in style," tambah akun @edwien.    

Previously, BCL first shared news about his condition through uploads on his personal Instagram on Monday (14/6/2021) night. Bunga reported that she was positive for Covid-19 after undergoing a PCR test.

He then underwent self-isolation for his recovery and said his condition was quite good.

"I just got my results back today and tested positive for coronavirus.. I'm in self-isolation right now and God willing will make a full recovery soon..I hope everyone to take all steps to stay safe and healthy.. Please be careful , take care of yourself and your loved ones ... Build your immune system and take this seriously .. See you later ..," explained BCL.

BCL also received a lot of support from fellow artists. A series of top artists and Unge's friends also gave encouragement and prayers for BCL's recovery.


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Minggu, 28 Februari 2021

Rayakan 2 Tahun Pernikahan Syahrini Berdandan Ala Geisha Bikin Gagal Fokus

Rayakan 2 Tahun Pernikahan Syahrini Berdandan Ala Geisha Bikin Gagal Fokus

JAKARTA, Linebuzz.me - Berdandan ala Geisha Jepang, wajah penyanyi Syahrini terlihat jauh berbeda dari biasanya. Dibalut kimono warna merah dan ungu, riasan wajah Syahrini yang seperti Geisha pada umumnya, benar-benar pangling jadi gagal fokus. 

Seperti diketahui, riasan wajah seseorang Geisha menjadi salah satu ciri khusus yang cukup mencolok. Dulu, warna putih di bagian wajah dan leher mereka itu diperoleh dari cat berwarna putih yang dioleskan tebal, kemudian diberi make up yg mencolok. Seperti lipstik warna merah menyala. 

Merayakan ulang tahun pernikahannya yang ke 2 dengan Reino Barack, Syahrini mengunggah fotonya yang berpakaian dan berdandan ala Geisha, duduk berdampingan dengan Reino yang juga menggunakan Hakama.

"Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary My Wonderful Husband, The Love Of My Life, The Man Of Tradition With Value, I Will Keep Falling In Love With You, I Love You @reinobarack!," tulis Syahrini dalam informasi fotonya, dikutip Kompas.Com, Minggu (28/2/2021). 

Syahrini juga mengunggah video singkat ketika dia dan Reino memasuki lokasi foto sembari bergandengan tangan. 

Terus menggoda Reino dengan menyebut beberapa kuliner Jepang, aksi Syahrini ini sukses buat Reino terus tertawa melihat ulahnya. 

Seperti diketahui, tepat dua tahun lalu pada tanggal 27 Februari 2019, Syahrini menikah dengan Reino akad nikah di Masjid Tokyo Camii, Jepang.

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Kamis, 18 Februari 2021

Nagita Slavina Senang Bisa Diajak Ngobrol Banyak Hal Kerja Bareng Raffi Ahmad

Nagita Slavina Senang Bisa Diajak Ngobrol Banyak Hal Kerja Bareng Raffi Ahmad

Jakarta,LineBuzz - Artis Nagita Slavina mengaku bahagia semakin dilibatkan pada berbagai pekerjaan oleh suaminya, Raffi Ahmad. Menurut Nagita, dengan bekerja bersama, jalur komunikasinya dengan sang suami akan semakin efektif dan lancar. 

“Dengan gue kerja bersama, di situ jalur komunikasi gue buat saling mengerti ada. Itu kembali lagi kita memandangnya mau bersyukur apa enggak,” kata Nagita Slavina saat menjadi bintang tamu pada kanal YouTube KUY Entertainment, dikutip Kompas.Com, Kamis (18/2/2021).

“Gue udah relatif bersyukur dengan hal itu. Menurut gue dengan cara itu, gue bisa diajak ngobrol tentang banyak hal,” lanjutnya. 

Meski begitu, pada awal pernikahan, wanita 32 tahun ini sempat merasa Raffi Ahmad terlalu sibuk dan jarang ada waktu berkualitas dengannya. 

“Awal (pernikahan) pernah mengeluh sih, semua pasangan mungkin gitu kali. ‘Ih enggak ada waktu’, segala macamnya. Tapi akhir-akhirnya kan lu capek juga terus mengeluh,” tutur Nagita.

Sebagai informasi, pasangan Raffi Ahmad dan Nagita Slavina baru saja merayakan ulang tahun mereka secara bersamaan, yakni dalam 17 Februari. Mereka menikah pada 17 Oktober 2014 dan sudah dikaruniai seorang putra bernama Rafathar.

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